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Faroe Island~4 oz Braid~Over Dyed~(FI-S-08)

Faroe Island~4 oz Braid~Over Dyed~(FI-S-08)

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Faroe Island Light Grey~Over Dyed

A beautifully textured for felting, spinning & crafting~wool, made using 100% Faroe Island Wool. Lightweight with plenty of color depth.

  • Contents: 100% Faroe Island Wool
  • Micron: 34 - 36mic
  • Staple Length: 90 - 100mm

Faroe Island Sheep are a breed of sheep that are a landrace breed found exclusively on the Faroe Islands - they were first described in the 9th century and are part of the Northern European Short Tailed breeds that are representative of unimproved sheep breeds that form one wave of sheep domestication in Europe.  They are distinct from breeds derived from Merino and typically feature higher micron, double coated fleeces.  This combed top is available in two natural shades and is 34-36 microns and does feature kemp/guard hairs.  Great for expanding your horizons as a handspinner or adding texture and form to projects.

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